About Us

Our company since 1988

  • 2021

    Achieving the goal: “Producing the hole machinery requirement of bakeries”

  • 2019

    Launching In-Store Oven and Divider and Rounder

  • 2018

    Launching Cold Steam Proofer

  • 2017

    Move the factory to its new location

  • 2010

    Launching Spiral Mixer

  • 2009

    Launching Bread Slicer and Donut Fryer

  • 1986

    Launching Deck Oven

  • 1984


Sahar History


With the help of God and the use of technical and experienced manpower, as well as access to new technologies for the production of machines, Pishraft Pokht Sahar started its activity in the field of bread machine production in 1984 and designed and manufactured baking machines. The company was able to launch its products from the beginning of 1989 with detailed technical studies and the use of advanced technologies, and intends to continue its presence in the domestic and international arena by using efficient experts and specialists

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Sahar’s Holding

To make you the best

Sahar Bread Industrial Group
Sahar bread was founded in 1350 in the field of bread production, and from the same year, while establishing relations with major international bread-producing companies in European countries, it took a big step towards improving the quality and variety and reduction of bread wastes.
Sahar bread Industrial Group, as a pioneer in the industry of bread production, machinery and production materials in the country, has started its activities in four sub-categories for the past years and has followed the process of its production and research activities with increasing growth.
1) Pishraft Pokht Sahar (manufacturer of all kinds of machines for producing bread and sweets – since 1984)
2) Samin Nan Sahar Company (preparation and production of various improvers and additives for bread and confectionery industries – since 1997)
3) Sahar Bread Company (production of bulk and semi-bulk breads – since 1971)
4) Sahar University of Applied Sciences (implementation of specialized bread production courses since 2006)